Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

Tour Pricing

  • All prices are per person
  • All prices are in New Zealand Dollars
  • All prices include New Zealand 15% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Booking & payment 61 days or more prior to departure (Start) date of the tour

  • Bookings are confirmed only on deposit payment of 20% per person of the tour price
  • $500 of the deposit is non-refundable for tours priced under $12,000
  • $750 of the deposit is non-refundable for tours priced over $12,000 up to $20,000,
  • Payment are to be made online through our website
  • For booking requests that come through to South of 34° via phone, WhatsApp, email, Facebook Messenger or any other method, they will be redirected to our website to make the deposit payment
  • On receipt of booking with deposit, you will receive an email confirming both the booking and deposit payment
  • Bookings made via your travel agent, online travel agent or any other source other than South of 34° may include additional deposit as per their payment terms

Balance Payment for bookings made with deposit as stipulated above

  • Balance of tour price must be paid 45 days prior to departure (Start) date of the tour
  • If balance is not made before due date, South of 34° reserves to the right to cancel the booking and the 20% deposit amount will be forfeited

Booking & payment between 60 and 30 days

  • 100% of the tour price must be paid at time of booking
  • On receipt of booking with payment, you will receive an email confirming both the booking and the payment
  • This booking term is only available if we have met the minimum number as stipulated below

Guaranteed Tour Departure

  • All departure (Start) dates are guaranteed with a minimum of 6 guests or 3 solo bookings or a combination thereof, confirmed at least 60 days prior to the departure (Start) date
  • In the event, any departure does not meet the minimum bookings required 60 days prior to the departure (Start) date, that departure will be cancelled
  • If a tour does not meet the minimum required bookings 60 days prior to departure (Start) date of the tour, there are two options as follows. South of 34° can transfer your booking deposit to the next available tour date of the same tour OR refund your deposit payment including the non-refundable amount

Credit Card Payment

  • All credit card payments attract a 2% fee and will be added to your overall payment

Bank Payment

  • You can choose to make payment via bank-to-bank transfer if you prefer
  • To make payment via bank transfer, please refer to instructions on the invoice you will receive
  • Every bank payment must include an additional inward remittance fee of $30


  • After making a deposit or full payment as per your booking date, South of 34° will send out an invoice via email for the full amount of the tour made out to the primary booking person’s name
  • The invoice will be made from our parent group company XperieNZ Limited
  • The invoice will have names of all the guests and the tour booked

Cancellation Charges when a tour is cancelled by you

  • 60 days prior to start date of the tour, loss of non-refundable deposit
  • 59 days to 45 days prior to start date of the tour, 50% of the cost of the tour
  • 44 days to 30 days prior to start date of the tour, 75% of the cost of the tour
  • 21 days or less prior to start date of the tour, 100% of the cost of the tour

Passport & Visa requirements

  • New Zealand government requires that a traveller’s passport is valid for a minimum of 3 months after the date you plan to leave New Zealand
  • For visa waiver countries, you will need to hold an NZeTA, which you can fill online from your home country either from your browser or on the NZeTA app that you can download from either Apple Store or Google Play
  • For countries that require a visitor visa to enter New Zealand, you can apply online from your home country. For more information, you can check the New Zealand Immigration website
  • As of 31 March 2022, everyone traveling by air to New Zealand must complete a New Zealand Travel Declaration


  • A booking made with deposit or full payment is considered an agreement of South of 34° terms and conditions as outlined in this Booking Terms and Condition between you ( all guests under a single booking) and South of 34°
  • We may from time to time update and modify our Booking Terms and Conditions on our website to suit the market conditions
  • The latest modified or updated terms and conditions on the website will be the most current terms and conditions applicable

Cancellation of a tour by you after booking

  • Please refer to the cancellation charges as listed in this document
  • Cancellation charges are applicable as listed, for cancellation by you, for any reason including visa refusal, delay and/or rejection except if cancelled by South of 34° or due to Force Majeure event as given below
  • If you leave for any reason or asked to leave (due to behaviour that disrupts the tour for other guests) the tour, you will not be liable for any refund

Cancellation of a tour or tours by South of 34°

  • We reserve the right to make changes to our Journeys, itineraries or cancel any tour, including a guaranteed tour, either prior to the tour starting or during the tour
  • You will be entitled to a refund for all payments you made to us toward a cancelled tour
  • We are not responsible for any other expenses you may have incurred outside of our tour (for example air tickets, pre and post tour, in country booking, etc.) for a cancelled tour

Cancellation of a tour or tours outside of South of 34°’s control (Force Majeure)

  • If we cancel a fully booked tour due to an event beyond our control (examples: natural disasters, pandemic or endemic, political instability, terrorism, cultural conditions or other unforeseen external events) we will refund the full tour cost
  • If we can cancel a deposit booked tour before the balance payment date for reasons beyond our control, we will hold this deposit in credit on your behalf until the situation becomes normal and travel resumes at a future date. Alternately if you prefer, we will refund the deposit
  • If we cancel a tour midway due to events beyond our control and provide assistance or services due to the event, you agree to pay the cost or we will use the unused portion of the tour payment to pay for these costs and then make a refund of the remaining amount if any

Trip protection & Travel Insurance

  • We strongly recommend that travelers insure their trip and travel to New Zealand to protect themselves from unforeseen trip cancellations and travel insurance during their time in New Zealand
  • It is the travelers responsibility to arrange their own insurance

Tour Inclusions

  • Each South of 34° Journey is different and has various components that make up the Journey
  • The full inclusions for each Journey is listed in the Inclusions & Details tab of the Journey
  • The names of your STAYs (accommodation) in each location is mentioned in the Itinerary tab of each Journey’s page
  • A downloadable PDF of each Journey will be available on the  Journey’s main page
  • The Journeys are designed for your enjoyment and pleasure and are meant for adults only
  • Transfers from/to within a 38Km radius of your STAY on Start/End day of the Journeys are included
  • If a domestic airfare is included as part of the Journey cost, one check-in bag is allowed up to 23Kgs plus one carry-on bag up to 7Kgs, as per Air New Zealand baggage rules

Tour  Exclusions

  • Any item not specifically mentioned in the Itinerary or the Inclusions & Details tabs or in the downloadable PDF of the Journey is not included
  • Any extra items, such as extra baggage over 23KGs, in an included domestic flight, is the travelling guest’s responsibility

Twin and Double Share

  • As the tours are designed for adults, we have selected STAYs (accommodation) accordingly and are in superior rooms (i.e. lake view room as an example)
  • These rooms by default are either Queen or King bed on specific Journeys hence are suitable for couples and adults who are friends and do not mind sharing the bed (for example two same-sex friends who are not a couple but are willing to share)
  • From time to time on specific Journeys, we may have rooms that may have twin beds in them and we will specify this clearly in the Inclusions & Details tab of that Journey

Solo/Single Traveller

  • Our Journeys are designed and limited to 10 adult guests per tour between 5 rooms each night
  • We have limitations with our current online system and are unable to offer Solo/Single travelers bookings directly online
  • If you are a solo/single traveler, please use the enquiry option on our website and we will work with you to make the booking via bank transfer

Triple Share & Children

  • As our Journeys are designed to be immersive and limited to 10 guests, there is no triple share or children’s option
  • We may from time to time introduce Journeys that are not as immersive or premium in nature and they will have triple share and children’s options

Baggage Limits and carriage

  • The vehicles used in our Journeys have internal luggage space to accommodate one check-in bag of 150cm (59 inches) linear and one carry-on per guest
  • We recommend that guests travel as light as possible both for their own enjoyment and convenience of travel
  • If you have more luggage, we need to know this 30 days before your departure (Start) date of the tour so we can arrange a trailer to accommodate your bags
  • The trailer will have additional charge over and above your tour price
  • We will inform you of this extra charge after you let us know if you are carrying more than one checked-in bag

Vehicle Seating

  • The vehicles we use for our tours are of the highest standard and are low carbon emission vehicles
  • The standard seat ratio is 1.5 seats to 1 guest, giving enough space and room for all travelers to enjoy our slow and immersive travel
  • As all our travellers are adults, it is expected that the seats are rotated by themselves to give each travel companion equal opportunity to a seat of their choice
  • Your concierge driver/guide will be able to assist you with seat rotation
  • The navigator seat in the front alongside the driver/guide (this seat is of the same comfort as the rest of the seats in the vehicle) is also another seat that the guests are welcome to use and this seat must be rotated among the guests that wish to sit in the front. This will be discussed with you by your driver/guide

Gratuities for Services

  • Everyone from South of 34° and all of their partners involved in the success of your tour work very hard to ensure you have a great time on your tour and take home a lifetime of memories
  • Tipping or gratuity is not a standard in New Zealand, however, it will be a wonderful gesture by all the traveling guests on the tour to contribute based on your appreciation of the service of your driver/guide and other specialist guides that we may use to provide you the best experience

Guest fitness, health & safety

  • Our travelers health & safety is of prime importance to us and underpins our ethos
  • Our Journeys are designed to be slow and immersive, however, our Journeys included experiences (activities) that require walking that can be on flat and undulating ground, may have some incline, rough gravel tracks, stony and pebbled paths, climbing stairs, and general touring activities such as getting in and out of a 4WD drive, Helicopter, Jet Boats, Cruise Ships, etc. that may or may not be part of your daily life
  • All guests must be of reasonable health and fitness to undertake any tour
  • By booking a tour with us, you warrant that you are of good health and fit to travel in any of our Journeys and indemnify us from all actions, claims and demands arising due to your health and fitness.
  • You must inform us at the time of booking if you require any special attention due to any disability of medical condition in order for us to make any possible changes to suit your need as long as it does not interfere with our other travelers health & safety and enjoyment
  • We apologise in advance as we are not in a position to take bookings or provide any mobility assistance or care or able to take bookings for travelers who need assistance

Guest conduct

  • South of 34° strives at all times to provide maximum comfort, pleasure and enjoyment of our tours.
  • When you buy a South of 34° Journey, you automatically agree to comply to with our rules and guidelines as well as any that your concierge driver/guide may provide during a tour
  • We have ZERO tolerance towards abuse of fellow travelers, and everyone you will interact with during the duration of your tour
  • We reserve the right to terminate your tour at any point if you are abusive or behave in a manner that disrupts the purpose of the tour. Examples of behaviour are violent or abusive or shouting at the top of your voice, yelling at your fellow travellers, etc.  
  • We reserve the right to terminate your trip if your physical condition negatively impacts the enjoyment of the other guests
  • There will be no refund and we will accept no liability if you are asked to leave the tour due to your bad conduct
  • We are not responsible for any costs you may incur if we terminate your tour for reasons of misconduct
  • By booking with us, you become responsible for any damage or loss caused by you during your tour, to the vehicle, the STAYs (accommodation) and every other supply partner of us who made your tour possible
  • If such an event does occur, you will be responsible to compensate directly the party who suffered such damage and loss
  • Your booking indemnifies us for any and all amount claim made against us for damage and loss due to your conduct

South of 34° responsibility of service

  • Our Journeys comprise multiple services that we put together for your enjoyment
  • These services are provided by our supply partners who in turn have their own terms and conditions
  • Supply partners for any Journey can range from STAY (accommodation) providers, experience or activity providers, cruise companies, chartered flight operators, etc.
  • We are not responsible and are excluded from liability for any loss, damage, omission, or acts being negligent or otherwise, committed by these supply partners used in connection with our Journeys

Changes and Updates to Terms and Conditions

  • South of 34° reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions in its published materials and to amend these Travel Terms and Conditions at any time as the result of any material changes
  • All amended and updated Terms and Conditions will automatically become effective from the moment it is posted on our website  
  • We recommend you check the website before you leave your home country to ensure you are aware of any changes

In the event of a dispute

  • The law of our Terms and Conditions and contract fall under the laws of New Zealand