Unique, authentic, inspirational holiday experiences

South of 34° offers premium, small group tours designed by New Zealand-based travel industry experts. We’re the same team behind the award-winning XperieNZ Limited.

Our ‘Curated Private Journeys’ are created to deliver authentic and unique bespoke holiday experiences to discerning travelers. We’re locals, we’re passionate about Aotearoa New Zealand and we’ve put our hearts into designing these memorable travel experiences.


Aotearoa New Zealand revealed

We believe this country has so much to offer the new generation of travellers looking for exclusive, meaningful travel experiences.

We’ll take you to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful places to meet hospitable, inspirational locals and reveal the unique culture that sets this country apart.



Immersive travel

Travel is changing with more and more travelers wanting to take time to gain deeper insights into the places they visit. We’ve created Curated Private Journeys to satisfy this desire for boutique, relaxed, immersive local experiences.

Our new Journeys are based on what we’ve learned from designing and managing fully-customized New Zealand holidays for thousands of international guests (14,000-plus nights over 10 years, still counting).

Journeys apart

No two Journeys are ever the same. The big picture comes to us naturally, but it’s the details that set our Journeys apart.

It starts with our deep knowledge of this land and people in turn inspiring our creative ideas and recommendations; and always underpinned by our expert professional approach, focus on the details, exceptional service commitment, flawless execution and personal attention to the end-to-end process of your most memorable-ever holiday experience.



Curating your Journey

Make the most of your travel opportunities. Aotearoa New Zealand has an overwhelming choice of places to go, things to see and do.

Often the hardest part of planning a trip is deciding what to do first, where to go next, what’s best and how to fit it all that into your time frame and budget. Our Curated Private Journey will take care of all that for you.

100% recommended

Our research never stops. At South of 34° we only include and recommend products and experiences that have been personally ‘tried and tested’.

Our passion and knowledge for New Zealand is backed up by personal experience of all the activities, sightseeing and STAY providers used in our itineraries.



Our Culture

Our philosophy and commitment are to always go above and beyond. Our unique Kiwi culture places a special importance on hospitality. It’s called ‘Manaakitanga’ which can be explained simply as showing respect, generosity and care for other people.

And, by the way … we’re proud to say that our own XperieNZ team members come from a culture where the motto is ‘Guest is God’.  This means that from the moment you land in New Zealand to your reluctant departure, all you have to do is relax, enjoy and make the most of all the experiences on your Journey.